About US

Mista’s is the brainchild of Corey Ellis aka “Mista Man”, who started off as a Music Producer, working with artist such as Jon B, Changing faces, Jazz of Dru Hill and 3X Grammy Award Winners The Product G&B

Working long hours in the studio led to what “Mista Man” like to call “Beats & Eats,” where while serving up hot tracks for artist, he decided to also serve up hot meals. Receiving  many compliments from people who tried his signature dishes, he was asked to cater small events. Realizing he had a talent, and seeing the response from faithful customers, he decided to purchased a food truck, which he would run on weekends. So “Mista’s Takeout” is just the next step on this culinary journey. Moving in to small location, located 263 Babylon Turnpike, Roosevelt NY.  Where he dishes out pure Delicious-ness, Tuesday to Sunday.

What makes Mista’s so good, is the unique taste palette that is offered up by Mista Man. You may have had hot wings, but have you ever had “Ciroc Peach Cobbler Wings’ Sour Apple Jack Wings, Have you ever had A Lasagna Cupcake? What about a Mac & Cheese Jerk Chicken Egg Roll. You heard about General Tso Chicken, but what about General Tso Fish? This is just a sample of the amazing menu.